Loews Story January 1, 2018

LOEWS Chronograph

Nezumi Studios Loews racing chronograph watch with leather strap

This stylish two-register racing chronograph is named after a legendary hotel in Monaco on the Grand Prix circuit called Loews in the 1970s near the famous hairpin turn. “I’ve always been a big fan of that era and lifestyle and especially drivers like Jackie Stewart, Ronnie Peterson and Emerson Fittipaldi among other legends,” founder/creative David notes. “So I wanted a name that connected the watch to that. It’s a classic racing chronograph, but a bit dressier than most because the tachymeter is on the dial instead of the bezel. It’s a watch of its own, but with a clear sense about where it’s coming from.” Sized at 40mm it’s presented on a hand-stitched leather rally strap dubbed Rindt.

"Speaks to higher end watches"

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